Interviews with Laura Fluke (PBN Podcast/VideoCasts)
Sept 13, 2022: Episode 1

In this pilot episode, you will hear about an introduction to the practice and modalities.  Laura also shares some of her own personal story and how CranioSacral Therapy and Energy Medicine has supported her though life’s challenges including – obesity, mental health, and widowhood.  Also, introducing how dialog with the body can produce a stronger connection to ones intuition and assist with moving forward through life effectively.

Sept 20, 2022: Episode 2

Learn how during a training for treating covid, a session brought about a significant healing in a lingering shoulder injury for Laura.  A wonderful example of listening to the body and learning what really needed to be addressed instead of “what we thought”.  Hear about after resetting the body after a major accident, a client was able to fall asleep during treatment as his anxiety was decreased.  And learn how CST helps with migraines, neck, & shoulder pain.  

Sept 27, 2022: Episode 3

See an example of remote energetic connection as Laura touches KC’s shoulders, as well as, the hand of a skeptical caller with anxiety.  Learn more about how energy medicine can balance anxiety, what an ‘energy vampire’ can be, and how to clear negative energy from one’s home.

Oct 4, 2022: Episode 4

Hear a personal story from Laura about a long-standing mind body connection to her health.  Hear how a ‘cord-cutting’ in a session helped to eliminate an unhealthy connection to words spoken over her by her Mom.  Listen to how she was able to reframe a scenario that was causing health problems and how she gained healing, not only in her physical body, but her relationship with her mom, as well. 

Oct 11, 2022: Episode 5

Learn how observing ones own life experiences we can find things that feel nurturing and nourishing from within.  Hear how Laura was able to help a Mom quell her daughter’s coughing so the little one could sleep that night.  Hear about how different level of knowledge and understanding can assist with each person that comes for care.  Hear how Laura ‘received’ her ‘black belt of mastery’ from her deceased Mom after an especially unique session.  

Oct 18, 2022: Episode 6

In this episode, Laura shares a personal experience where she needed to be well grounded for a friend in need of support during an unexpected moment of heaviness.  Laura also leads listeners through a 5-breath ground and fill meditation, as well as, discusses how being able to balance one’s internal responses is such a valuable and highly learnable skill to develop.