In Their Words...

What is said about a person, their service, and how they approach the path of healing is very important.
Here are a few testimonies of how The Quiet Room and Laura have helped others in walking their path.

"I am a retired physical therapist who knew Laura from a work facility. I also studied Cranio-Sacral Therapy in the 90's. When I had an exceptionally bad left hip fracture sustained by tripping over a piece of equipment in my garage and launching into the air, landing on a raised bump in the driveway onto my left hip, I knew it was not good. All the following EMS stuff, ER, and surgery the next day with a intermedullary rod and nailing to stabilize, went as well as could be expected. Then, recovering from muscle tears due to bone fragments, as well as, massive swelling in the pelvis that was affecting structures also in this area was challenging. This included 2 1/2 weeks in an extended care facility to regain strength, balance, coordination, and mastery of stairs with 1 crutch and a railing since any home I was going to required stairs. I knew before I left there I needed to see Laura.

A week after I was home I saw Laura for her to re-balance my cranio sacral energy flow, she worked on some sore places that have left and not returned. My pain level is down and I feel the bone healing can advance faster. My walking is stronger even though I am still only 50% weight bearing. My balance with these devices for walking has been jumped forward from the moment I got up off the table and not slipped back.

Laura is truly gifted and talented in her craft and I would recommend her to help anyone heal faster and eliminate pain from an accident or major surgery etc. Thanks Laura, I'll be back soon.”

"Laura is a truly gifted therapist trained in many healing modalities. Her depth of knowledge and vast skills bring the opportunity for healing to the table.  I have visited the Quiet Room several times, experiencing Laura’s skilled and compassionate touch for a range of ailments- from general anxiety to neck pain.  What I noticed right away on the table was a deep sense of relaxation that allowed me to breathe a healing sigh of relief. Her intuitive nature knew precisely what my mind, body, and soul needed to restore better health. During the treatment, I felt validated by Laura right where I was, which allowed the healing process to unfold.  Immediately post-session, I noticed an increase in range of motion and a lessening of pain that provided significant relief. I could smile again! With her outstanding clinical background and calming demeanor, I would recommend her to anybody seeking relief for a variety of ailments.  Thank you, Laura, for offering this healing work!"

“Just being in Laura’s presence instantly calms you, she is like a good, dear friend upon meeting her. Her positivity and warmth is infectious. She has helped me tremendously in just a few visits, I am so grateful that she shares her gifts with others, she is a healer of the body and mind.”

“I recently experienced a virtual Quiet Room session with Laura. Honestly, I did not know what to expect (physically) from a remote encounter but I can tell you I was pleasantly impressed. I could actually feel her presence and her touch. The experience left me feeling heard, safe and much lighter physically and emotionally as Laura was able to clear away some “junk”. I highly recommend a session “in“ the Quiet Room with Laura.”

“Receiving a healing from Laura seemed to come at the perfect time. My heart was heavy with grief and by the end of the session, I felt incredibly at peace. I was held in such a safe container of love and high frequency energy that my feelings of hurt, pain and confusion couldn’t sustain themselves. Laura is a master in compassion, intuition, and healing matters of the body, mind and spirit. I left our healing session feeling elated, recharged, and lighter than ever. I would recommend Laura to anyone who seeks a deeper connection with themselves and/or their spirituality. I felt so incredibly cared for that it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Laura for such a beautiful and transformative healing session.”

“What amazing work Laura does!! It is so gentle & subtle yet goes beyond the physical ailment to achieve mind / body healing. As a Physical Therapist, I’ve seen differences in those who heal easily and those who don’t for years. I can honestly say those who don’t, do much better after this work. The ability to combine the bodywork with easing the mental strain of life that ties into physical ailments is amazingly powerful!!  As a clinician, this is wonderful, but being as a recipient of her work was nothing short of amazing. I walk away lighter, more flexible and with lasting pain relief. It took a few treatments, but with each one, my body let go of a bit more until I finally felt great!! So thankful!!”

“The Quiet Room has been a special place for me several times now. It has been a place where Laura has allowed me to be vulnerable and secure with all that conspires in my experiences there. The first time I visited The Quiet Room I was having really tough times with my outer right hip. I could not seem to get the discomfort to go away. Massages weren't helping as much I thought they would, so I knew it was something deeper than just physical pain. That's when I contacted Laura. Throughout my session I wasn't sure what I was feeling at first but the emotions were flowing and the releasing was happening. She worked on me for an hour or so and in that time I felt something had changed.

Afterward we talked for another 30 min and in that time Laura was able to guide me to consciously identify a fear that I had of taking the next step in my life which was moving out of state. The fear was based on leaving my mom back home and thinking that I had to take care of her at all times without taking care of myself and my wants/needs. I was able to understand that the lock in my hip was because I was holding myself back from stepping into who I really am and living my truths.

Laura was able to help me see and feel the confidence in myself and the decisions that I was making in my life. The pain and discomfort had subsided and within the next few months I was able to plan out and make the decision to move halfway across the country and start the life I knew I wanted to live.

Laura and the Quiet Room is such a safe place. She really helps you listen to your body and put a better understanding of why and where these emotions and feelings are coming from. She doesn't push you either. This is your time and she gives you complete control to embrace the healing that you are going through. I don't think I've ever been more comfortable in a space where I can really be me. It has changed the relationship that I have with my body and gave me access to know when the work is needed. Thank you Laura [and the Quiet Room] for being such a divine place of healing. It really does wonders and I hope people gain the same experiences as I have.”

“I met Laura in 2015 after I was in a car accident.  I went to see her for CranioSacral work.  I knew after our first session together that Laura had amazing gifts and this was just the beginning.  I've seen Laura for sessions pre and post-operatively and my surgeon told me he has never seen anyone recover as quickly and as well as I did, thanks to Laura.  I know when my body/mind is off I need to call Laura as I always feel a healing after a session with her.  She's amazing and the work that she does is amazing!  I definitely recommend you experience a session in the Quiet Room - you won't regret it!”

“My experience of the Quiet Room was astounding! As a naturopathic doctor, I am very often talking to patients about getting to the root cause of chronic disease to achieve true healing and freedom from the energetic weights that can hold us down. The work that Laura does, offers you that chance; to heal and let go of the weights we carry. I worked with Laura from a distance after an intense and frightening experience in my second pregnancy. I had to have surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and my left ovary WHILE PREGNANT. I knew this was weighing on me emotionally after my physical body had healed. One session with Laura and I felt clearer, lighter, and that I had more capacity to handle life's stressors. She kindly walked me through visualizations and breath-work that released a stuck feeling in my chest. I also feel that I've been able to connect more wholeheartedly with my growing baby since our session. She also made sure to speak to him in utero and focus on helping him clear the energetic and emotional experience his soul experienced during all of that. While he's still my more active baby in the womb, he is definitely calmer and less sporadic in his movements. I would recommend working with Laura to anyone looking to heal on a deeper level and let go of patterns, weights, and emotions that may be holding you back. She is a true gem and intuitive healer!

A brief time later, Laura also helped after my 5 year old had a traumatic injury to his face, in which we had to call 911 to assess the severity of the situation. She did distance work again to help him heal energetically and physically through her vast array of skills in Shamanic work and CranioSacral Therapy. I truly believe that her help along with some well selected naturopathic medicine, is what led to his injury being almost completely healed in 6 days! We are so grateful for the experiences that almost our entire family has been able to have through working with Laura! If you're considering working with her, please don't delay your healing any further. Your body and mind will thank you!"

I had a distance healing session with Laura and it was a beautiful experience! There are some people who put in the time and effort to become amazingly effective practitioners to assist with the process of healing, and Laura is one of those people! Her ability to hold space and guide me through decoding what my body was trying to tell me… helped me go from severe mental fog back to clarity.
During our session I could feel the energy moving and by the time we were done I realized my nervous system had finally felt safe enough to calm down.
I also noticed a feeling of being upgraded. I can only compare it to when our phones need to be plugged into a power source to complete a “system update”. Sometimes, a skilled energy worker is just what we need to help us get to that next step in our healing journey.
Laura, thank you for your ability to listen with more than your ears. Thank you for your willingness to touch with more than your hands. Thank you for your openness to see with more than your eyes. You are so valuable as a clinician and absolutely priceless as a friend!