About Laura

About Laura FlukeFor over fifteen years, Laura has been guiding and educating people to become more aware of their body, mind, and spirit and the connections between them.  Though Laura has earned dual licensure as a Physical Therapist Assistant and Massage Therapist, her most important and meaningful work has been her lifelong passion of studying human nature and the mind-body-spirit connection.

Laura earned Master level certifications as an Energy Medicine Practitioner in two different lineages; Reiki (Usui) and the Q’ero Shamanic Traditions.  As of May 2020, she has engaged in the Certification Program for Suzanne Scurlock’s  Healing From the Core method.  This latter style of practice has served to bridge the gaps of all the disciplines studied.  Laura has devoted her life to the discipline of self-realization and reconnection back to the wholeness of self. 

Experience has shown that the needs of each client vary from visit to visit and often somewhat different than the person may anticipate initially.  During conversation and during our session, the needs reveal themselves.  Intuitively, Laura implements guided explorations through the body to reconnect to sensation rather than emotion or ‘the story’ through breath work and dialoging.   CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Shamanic & Eastern Medicine theory.  Balancing the meridians and chakras also have their part to play in session – both in-person and remotely.  

This more formal training aside, Laura is most known for her gift of relatability in how she listens and speaks with people as they process the in and outs of daily life, as well as, life events that are just plain too heavy or complicated for one person to manage.  Some times, some of the most profound healings come from when we are simply witnessed and held in love.  No judgment, no agenda, just being. 

Each session includes receiving approximately 60 minutes of healing work, with ample space before and after to discuss concerns, tools for integration, and options to best support oneself once the session is complete.  Sessions may involve work throughout the shadow-light spectrum.  In all sessions, safe, nurturing touch or an energetic connection is the foundation of our work together.  Remote sessions are via phone or zoom and are just as effective as in person.